Thursday, 5 April 2012

Under wraps...

                                                         Lisa                                        Madeleine
                                         Roll Neck Jumper - H&M           Roll Neck Jumper - Zara
                                              T-shirt - Thrifted                        T-shirt - H&M Trend
                                         Cropped Trousers - H&M                  Gilet - Primark  
                                           Clutch Bag - Kurt Geiger            Pleated Skirt -New Look
                                              Pointed Heels - Zara                    Clutch Bag -  H&M
The weather here has been absolutely insane these past few days. Last week we were donning our brightest hues in 23 degree climates and yesterday, snow?!
So today, in a bid to be prepared (or as prepared as one can be) we both, unknowingly to one another, went for the old, polo neck under the T-shirt, option.
Showcased by the Celine AW11 collection, this is a look we are both familiar with. Having grown up in the North East, we were subjected to layers upon layers as children to prevent us from 'catching our death'...suppose old habits die hard.
Speaking of death, we were under similar threat today when we were chased off the industrial estate we perched ourselves on for these snaps... lesson learnt? Never assume the unassuming are friendly. (Oh, and watch out for sandwich vans... they don't stop!)

Lisa & Madeleine xxx

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  1. Loving the skirt! I found you two through another social media site and loved your style straight away! I can't wait to see what you have coming up in the future!
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