Thursday, 17 May 2012

TTB & Nosyeux

We were contacted recently by the wonderful guys over at Nosyeux. They are an online platform with an interesting concept - To try and better understand the liason between fashion and daily life. They pose the same three questions to different bloggers and the result is quite interesting. See what we both had to say HERE

Lisa & Madeleine xx

Friday, 11 May 2012

Fashion Live 2012

Images From The Top
Fashion Live Runway
TTB at the Style Pod & Madeleine snapping away
Style Pod , Mannequins - ZARA
Female Looks - ZARA, Menswear - New Look
Menswear Looks - ZARA

A few weeks ago we were invited to Metrocentres Fashion Live Event. Fashion shows took place over 4 days and showcased the high street spring summer collections including the likes of ZARA,Topshop, New Look and Monsoon. We had an amazing day watching the shows, meeting the style team and we now have extremley long wish lists. The highstreet has far too many beautiful pieces on offer this season!
Tomorrow we are heading to the Metrocentre again to cover another exciting event. Elite Model Look UK, the search for fashions next face. The search is responsible for launching the careers of Cindy Crawford, Gisele Bunchen, Constance Jablonski and most recently Nyasha Matonhodze.
We will keep you updated on the event via twitter, make sure you follow us @TWICETHEBLOG

Lisa & Madeleine xx

Wednesday, 2 May 2012



   Lisa:                         Madeleine: 
Jacket: H&M                   Jumper: Cos
     Top: Zara                    Trousers: Reiss
        Jeans: Bershka          Bracelets: Accessoriz
Shoes: H&M               Shoes: Zara
Bag: Mulberry                 Bag: H&M
 Earrings:  H&M            Necklace: H&M

Over the weekend we were lucky enough to be invited to the Metrocentre 'Fashion Live' Fashion show and felt it the perfect occasion to take our new neon purchases out for a spin.
It was such an impressive event, the staging for the show was fantastic and they even had a styling pod with stylists on hand in case you wanted a little wardrobe advice/ revamp- had we not been so flustered we may well have got involved, there were some beautiful pieces there!
We were treated so well and given some wonderful goodie bags and front row seats for the show.
The Metrocentre is the biggest shopping centre in Europe, its sheer magnitude is beyond impressive and the shops it houses are some of our favourites - Zara playing a large part in that!
 Having it in our home city and being asked to attend the show and be part of it was a real honour for us.
 Thank you so much to Sally and the girls for making us feel so welcome and giving us the best seats in the house.

Lisa & Madeleine xx

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Worth A Lust - H&M Neon Accessories

Heels & Necklace - H&M

If you have stopped by either of our individual blogs lately you might have noticed we share a mutal love for the brighter things in life. 
The past month has been a washout here in Newcastle but H&M have provided us with some beautiful flashes of neon to keep us feeling summery - Phew! 
These neon heels are sheer perfection, we both managed to snap up a pair before the rush and at £24.99 they are a steal! As for the necklace....we will be wearing this with everything!

Lisa & Madeleine xx

Friday, 13 April 2012

Stop and stare...

                                                  Lisa:                                            Madeleine:
                                          Shirt:  Topshop                 Jumpsuit: La Senza (actual pyjamas!)
                                      Trousers: H&M Trend                        Blazer: H&M Trend
                                    Necklace: H&M  Trend                Necklace: Butler & Wilson
                                   Bag: Campo Marzio Milan                       Bag: H&M
                                            Shoes: Topshop                               Shoes: Dune

One sure thing to brighten up your day when it's raining cats and dogs? Why, your best friend of course!
Sporting the kind of brights that would awaken the dead, we braved the monsoon and found ourselves a nice little sheltered spot whilst en route to our local coffee shop/ hang out for chats of the fashion based variety and to consume copious amounts of caffeine.
Two things were discussed;

1. The way in which an item of clothing you first thought to be semi-acceptable, suddenly becomes your most favourite item. Ever. Fickle fashion is a funny thing!

2. The excitement of Raf Simon's recent move to Dior and the possibilities it holds!

 Also, 'staring etiquette'.
We don't know about you guys, but whenever we pull up a pew to take some snaps we suddenly acquire three or four people, out of no where, standing and staring like we're some kind of freak show?! Now we would never just gawp, open mouthed at someone taking a picture, it's very rude and such a foreign concept to us that every time it happened we couldn't help but burst out laughing!
Answer: Occupational hazard.

Lisa & Madeleine xx

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Worth A Lust - Ginta Lapina Puerto Rican Vogue April 2012

Puerto Rican Vogue: Ginta Lapina

This WAL post is all kinds of perfect.
The Givenchy steel- capped heels, the Chanel tweeds and the Peplum polka dot/ snakeskin combo.
It's like some kind of Sugar spun, candy coloured dream that we do not want to wake up from!

Lisa & Madeleine xxx

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Trendy twins...

The Lovely Ana Farais of Trendy Twins blog did an absolutely beautiful feature on us where she created a montage that showcased a few of our outfits from the archives of our own respective blogs, which showed (more than we even realised) how in-tune we really are!
You can read the feature here, it is in Portuguese but you can translate it very easily with the modern-day marvel that is the internet.

Lisa & Madeleine xxx

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Under wraps...

                                                         Lisa                                        Madeleine
                                         Roll Neck Jumper - H&M           Roll Neck Jumper - Zara
                                              T-shirt - Thrifted                        T-shirt - H&M Trend
                                         Cropped Trousers - H&M                  Gilet - Primark  
                                           Clutch Bag - Kurt Geiger            Pleated Skirt -New Look
                                              Pointed Heels - Zara                    Clutch Bag -  H&M
The weather here has been absolutely insane these past few days. Last week we were donning our brightest hues in 23 degree climates and yesterday, snow?!
So today, in a bid to be prepared (or as prepared as one can be) we both, unknowingly to one another, went for the old, polo neck under the T-shirt, option.
Showcased by the Celine AW11 collection, this is a look we are both familiar with. Having grown up in the North East, we were subjected to layers upon layers as children to prevent us from 'catching our death'...suppose old habits die hard.
Speaking of death, we were under similar threat today when we were chased off the industrial estate we perched ourselves on for these snaps... lesson learnt? Never assume the unassuming are friendly. (Oh, and watch out for sandwich vans... they don't stop!)

Lisa & Madeleine xxx

Friday, 30 March 2012

Worth A Lust - Australian Vogue, May Issue

Australian Vogue May Issue
Model - Joan Smalls
Images via  Joan Smalls Facebook

This shoot is so divine, it almost made us cry. Joan Smalls is just an impeccable creature; every attribute she posesses is inspirational and the outfits in this shoot- just as covetable. The pleated dresses, the structured panelling  and the clash of neons and zebra... inspired. We would gladly welcome every item into our SS wardrobes... along with Joans legs please.

Lisa & Madeleine xxx

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Kaleidoscope Bloom

                                                         Lisa:                                    Madeleine:
                                                Jumper: Zara Mens                     Shirt: Vintage
                                               Shirt: Ralph Lauren              Necklace: Bulter & Wilson
                                           Trousers: H&M Trend                     Skirt: Vintage
                                                  Bag: H&M Trend                       Bag: Cos
                                                    Shoes: Zara                  Shoes: Christian Louboutin

The sun has brought out all manner of colour combinations the past few days- Calla, Jil Sander and a bit of Mary K were the inspiration of the day with our acid prints and bold colour blocking! A heat wave has resulted in us reaching for our brightest bright's, and throwing caution to the wind with our pins *gasp* and arms out- just the other day we were talking about how we cannot wait to start donning summer dresses and chic shifts in the summer months (we're telling you guys, if you wish for something hard enough!) 
As we happened to be passing this beautiful blue garage we could not resist propping ourselves in front of it and taking a few snaps.
 Welcome to this side of the summer guys, show us your boldest hues!

Lisa & Madeleine xx

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Worth A Lust - ZARA Perspex Heels

 Perspex Heels - ZARA

As the Summer is now within reaching distance (yeay!) there is little more that will get you in the mood than a good old flash of perspex mid heat wave- it would appear our friend Mr Lim also shares our feelings- if his SS12 collection is anything to go by! ZARA has the most perfect perspex splendours! Simple, patent, nude and wonderfully 90's. So fabulous that we both had to get a pair, if only we had the same shoe size, we would give Imelda a run for her money!

Lisa & Madeleine xxx

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Floral in the city...

                                                        Lisa:                       Madeleine:
                                                     Blazer: Zara               Blazer: Zara
                                                      Top: Zara                   Shirt: Zara
                                                     Pants: M&S               Shorts: Zara
                                                     Bag: Zara                    Bag: H&M
                                                    Shoes: Zara               Shoes: Primark
                                              Sunglasses: Rayban      Sunglasses: H&M

A whole lot of floral was going on in our world today, maybe it's the blossom on the trees or maybe it's the fact that we are now fully into the Spring equinox... either way, we were obviously both in the same frame of mind whist getting dressed this morning.
In two of our favourite shades (no pun intended) a day running errands in the city is never brighter than when it is complimented by a healthy dose of florally clad company.

Lisa & Madeleine xx

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Worth A Lust - Vogue US April 2012

Images via StuddedHearts
Vogue US April 2012
Model - Kate Moss
Stylist - Grace Coddington
Photographer - Tim Walker

Kate Moss, Tim Walker, Couture, The Ritz, Paris - French renaissance gets a makeover that makes Marie Anntoinette look shabby!  Beg, borrow or steal a copy of Aprils American Vogue, this is an issue for keeps!

Lisa & Madeleine xx

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Balloons and birthdays...

                                                       Lisa:                                   Madeleiene:
                                                  Pants: Zara                        Pants: H&M Trend
                                                 Shirt:  H&M                            Shirt: Vintage
                                             Jacket: H&M Trend            Jacket: Almost Famous
                                                  Shoes: Zara                             Shoes: Zara
                                               Bag: Kurt Geiger                           Bag: Cos

Today is Twicetheblogger Lisa's birthday! So how did we celebrate? By buying balloons and laughing until we cried of course! Donning pastel and neon get-ups we were all a glow with the happiness of spring... we both have a tendency to favour the summer months due to the versatility of the clothes, although if this years AW collections are anything to go by, that could soon change (Louis Vuitton pink embellished jackets are firmly on our lust list!) There really is nothing better than spending special days with the people you love most in the world... now one of us is off to get spoilt rotten (deservedly) and the other is off to figure out the perfect birthday present for the latter.

 Lisa & Madeleine xx

Sunday, 11 March 2012

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Two become one...

                                                         Lisa:                                Madeleine:
                                             Jacket: Fashion Union                Jacket: Zara
                                                     Top: H&M                Shirt: American apparel
                                                  Trousers: Zara                      Trousers: Zara
                                                    Bag: Topshop                         Bag: Zara
                                               Shoes: River island                    Shoes: Ebay
Two fashion lovers become one (Yes, we did just paraphrase a Spice girls lyric) as former bloggers La vita bella and Shoes & Sashimi we were merely best friends sharing a love of the good stuff. So many hours were spent discussing our favourite collections, trends and inspirations that we decided to join forces and so became 'Twicetheblog'.
As a dedicated outlet to share our personal style, cover trends that we love and just all things beautiful.
'We are two people who are attracted to different things but always seem to arrive at the same place.'

Lisa & Madeleine xx