Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Kaleidoscope Bloom

                                                         Lisa:                                    Madeleine:
                                                Jumper: Zara Mens                     Shirt: Vintage
                                               Shirt: Ralph Lauren              Necklace: Bulter & Wilson
                                           Trousers: H&M Trend                     Skirt: Vintage
                                                  Bag: H&M Trend                       Bag: Cos
                                                    Shoes: Zara                  Shoes: Christian Louboutin

The sun has brought out all manner of colour combinations the past few days- Calla, Jil Sander and a bit of Mary K were the inspiration of the day with our acid prints and bold colour blocking! A heat wave has resulted in us reaching for our brightest bright's, and throwing caution to the wind with our pins *gasp* and arms out- just the other day we were talking about how we cannot wait to start donning summer dresses and chic shifts in the summer months (we're telling you guys, if you wish for something hard enough!) 
As we happened to be passing this beautiful blue garage we could not resist propping ourselves in front of it and taking a few snaps.
 Welcome to this side of the summer guys, show us your boldest hues!

Lisa & Madeleine xx


  1. Wow, I love your style, girls!
    Your blog is going to my inspiration list!


  2. Wow, just discovered your blog and you both have a really great style!
    Keep up the good work girls..

    xo Jony
    SHOUT-OUT to you

  3. Gorgeous outfits! Wish you posted outfit pictures more often!