Sunday, 11 March 2012

Two become one...

                                                         Lisa:                                Madeleine:
                                             Jacket: Fashion Union                Jacket: Zara
                                                     Top: H&M                Shirt: American apparel
                                                  Trousers: Zara                      Trousers: Zara
                                                    Bag: Topshop                         Bag: Zara
                                               Shoes: River island                    Shoes: Ebay
Two fashion lovers become one (Yes, we did just paraphrase a Spice girls lyric) as former bloggers La vita bella and Shoes & Sashimi we were merely best friends sharing a love of the good stuff. So many hours were spent discussing our favourite collections, trends and inspirations that we decided to join forces and so became 'Twicetheblog'.
As a dedicated outlet to share our personal style, cover trends that we love and just all things beautiful.
'We are two people who are attracted to different things but always seem to arrive at the same place.'

Lisa & Madeleine xx